Our story is a story about a floral philosophy that inspires, encourages, brings faith, awakens emotions and joyful  life. That’s exactly the way we are J , creative, in a flourishing  mood, innovative, dedicated to you, your wishes and your satisfaction.

We are a team that believes in Flower. In People. In  People's Flower, because we believe that its healing power enhances and transforms the world.  We admire it! With its subtle vibrations, it is transmitting your messages to your dear neighbors  or your dear ones around the world, to the end of the world. For birthday, birth, anniversary, wedding, celebrations and events... Or just because of spreading  joy ...  flowers speak on all occasions!

Our experience of over 28 years in floral design and sending flowers to all continents confirms that we are living continuously, dedicatedly and professionally  our floral mission.

We differ from other online stores in helping people. Each month we contribute 10% of the total value of purchased orders to a worthy cause.

It is not just an act that makes us socially responsible, it is giving sense to our business and determines the direction of our vision. Each ordered bouquet or floral arrangement provides help to someone. For us, that means smile on our face and joy in our heart!

In „Roses and Joy“ each bouquet is one dream, one hope. When flowers speak, everything becomes a smile on a face and glow in the eye and has always a happy ending!