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Adorable and fragrant bouquet composed of colorful spring flowers in violet and fuchsia tones, in a glass vase. From the flower valley up to you!


Elegant basket arrangement composed of mix red flowers with a teddy bear. Send this floral gift as a sign of love, joy, gratitude...


When you want to congrats and make your beloved ones happy, send flowers with a teddy bear. It’s a perfect way to surprise them with this cute combination


Send this box with pink carnations and make her day! For romantic and sensual ladies, as a gift for all occasions. (11-15 carnations) Dim.19x30


New life, new day, new energy! Send to your loved ones this energy bouquet composed of orange roses.


Grandious and delightful arrangement composed of red roses and amaryllis. A flowering tree only for your lady! 


Let the spirit of spring get into your dear one’s home with this colorful bouquet.  It’s fragrant, bright and joyful, just like spring!


This elegant and sophisticated bouquet, composed of  roses in soft pink tones, is a perfect floral gift for a sophisticated lady!


Impress your loved ones! Send this elegant bouquet made of red roses with teddy bear. Perfect gift for happy moments in someone’s life…


Lovely and sensual bouquet made of mix flowers in pastel tones. Perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, births and other occasions.


Sensual and prettily bouquet composed of mix flowers in pink colors, with glass vase. It’s perfect gift for the ladies and for all senses.


Impressive and luxury bouquet composed of red roses with greenery. For love, for happiness, for joy… Send your loved ones the queen of the flowers!

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items