6 240,00RSD

A remarkable example of interlacing texture! Strong pussy willows shoots; sharp greenery and delicate white roses!

7 880,00RSD

The everlasting classic - the red rose! Here arranged in a decorative basket and ready for delivery to the one you love. A gift filled with love and compassion.

6 400,00RSD

Smiles abound from this brisk yellow bouquet of Gerberas, roses and deep toned berries placed happily with multicoloured leaves!

6 620,00RSD

A bouquet filled with flowering uniqueness. Its special and soft color combination        catches the eye and warms the heart.

5 940,00RSD

Two words: explosive freshness! A round, dense bouquet of yellow roses, orange Safflowers and Gerbera, red berries and decorative grasses are the perfect method to keep the vibe of summer going!

8 620,00RSD

Fun and fresh! A medium to short stature arrangement which alternates fresh lime green carnations and sharp deep, purplish pink roses!

26 330,00RSD

Say goodbye with this pretty wreath. It will contain flowers like roses, germini, lisianthus, carnations and seasonal greenery

7 180,00RSD

A lively, bold pink and cerise bouquet playfully framed with palm leaves.

8 400,00RSD

A creative flower sculpture in soft pink colours. Decorative and just enchanting. The gift for a special someone that needs some spoiling.

16 740,00RSD

The funeral spray will contain flowers like roses, gerbera, carnations and seasonal greenery. A beautiful tribute to a loved one.

6 500,00RSD

Autumn is a beautiful season filled with warm colours. This bouquet captures the feel of autumn with its lovely mix of flowers in autumn colours. A warm and festive bouquet.

9 670,00RSD

Grand and pompous flower arrangement from our most exclusive gift collection! Delicate Cymbidium orchids and white roses are mixed with various flower favourites in pink and purple hues. For that...

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